INFFER in China

October 18th, 2011 by geoff

Dave Pannell had a productive trip to China in October 2011, discussing INFFER and water-related issues with researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and from various Chinese Universities (Tsinghua University, University of Beijing and Shaanxi Normal University). It’s well known that China’s rapid economic growth has resulted in significant environmental problems. Chinese officials and researchers are increasingly paying attention to these problems and their management. For example, the China Daily while Dave was there had an article titled ‘Environmental rule set to shift’. It said, “Local governments at all levels are expected to face stronger obligations to protect the environment, and polluters will face much heavier fines, according to a draft proposal to amend China’s decades-old Environmental Protection Law” (China Daily, 10 Oct 2011, p.7). A highlight of the trip was a visit to the Three Gorges Dam, and meetings with the former President and current Vice President of the Three Gorges Corporation, the body responsible for building and operating the dam. They emphasised the importance of environmental issues to their future management, and were very interested in learning more about tools like INFFER that may assist their decision making.

David Pannell at the Three Gorges Dam.

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