Australian Users

The first version of INFFERâ„¢ was completed in 2008. Since then, many regional environmental groups, state agencies, conservation organisations and researchers have trialled and/or used it, with the list continuing to grow steadily.

This page will focus on our Australian users. For information about international use of INFFER, see the Going International page.

Our main current clients in Australia are Regional Natural Resource Management groups and government-related organisations, as listed here.

Regional Natural Resource Management bodies

Of Australia’s 56 regional environmental management bodies, 21 have used or trialled INFFER, or are currently trialling it. Some have just done some training and a quick trial, completing a small number of Project Assessment Forms, while some have adopted INFFER comprehensively. Read about some of the lessons from using INFFER here.

Inclusion of an organisation in the following list does not imply that they necessarily endorse the use of INFFER or that they are currently using it, just that they have had some experience with trialling it or using it at some stage.

North Central Catchment Management Authority (See article about INFFER here)
Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authroity
North East Catchment Management Authority
West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority
Corangamite Catchment Management Authority
Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority

Western Australia
South Coast Natural Resource Management
South West Catchments Council
Avon Catchment Council (now Wheatbelt Natural Resource management)
Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
Perth Region Natural Resource Management
Rangelands Natural Resource Management

New South Wales
Central West Catchment Management Authority (See local newspaper report about INFFER here)
Lachlan Catchment Management Authority
Border Rivers/Gwydir Catchment Management Authority
Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority
Namoi Catchment Management Authority
Murray Catchment Management Authority

Southern Gulf Catchments
Burnett-Mary Regional Group

Australian Capital Territory
ACT NRM Council

Regional NRM groups with INFFER experience

Government-related organisations

The Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria, in late 2009, released a policy document for biodiversity that indicates that INFFER will play a significant role within Victoria. Training sessions have been held with Departmental staff and there has been extensive consultation about how to put their policy into action.

Staff from a number of state departments have been directly involved in completing Project Assessment forms in collaboration with regional NRM bodies (see below). These departments include:

  • Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria
  • Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
  • Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water, New South Wales
  • Department of Industry and Investment, New South Wales
  • Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
  • Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia

The Gippsland Lakes Taskforce has worked closely with the INFFER team in applying INFFER to the Gippsland Lakes. View the report here.