Related work

The work below has been conducted by members of the research team, or commissioned by them. It is complementary to the core INFFER™ project.

Adoption of conservation practices

See for a wealth of further information relevant to adoption of conservation practices.

Pannell, D.J., Marshall, G.R., Barr, N., Curtis, A., Vanclay, F. and Wilkinson, R.(2006). Understanding and promoting adoption of conservation practices by rural landholders. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 46(11): 1407-1424.

Find out about ADOPT, the Adoption and Diffusion Prediction Tool, here. You can download and play with a trial version of the tool.


The Salinity Investment Framework III (SIF3), from which INFFER evolved: SIF Home page

Commissioned reviews

Wintle, B.A., (2008). A review of biodiversity investment prioritization tools, A report to the Biodiversity Expert Working Group toward the development of the Investment Framework For Environmental Resources. School of Botany, University of Melbourne. (This review was commissioned by the INFFER project as part of our consideration of investment prioritisation for biodiversity) (790K pdf). here

Rattray, D. (2008). Review of Water Quality Modelling Tools for the Investment Framework For Environmental Resources (INFFER), Natural Solutions Environmental Consultants, Brisbane. (This review was commissioned by the INFFER project as part of our consideration of investment prioritisation for water quality) (1MB pdf). here

Discussion papers related to INFFER

  • Ecological thresholds, uncertainty and decision making here
  • “With respect, …” here
  • Transaction costs here
  • Helping Canada with environmental decisions here
  • Problems with environmental project prioritisation here
  • The optimal scale of environmental projects here
  • Diminishing marginal benefits of environmental projects here
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  • Assessment of the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality here
  • Indirect influences of policy on environmental outcomes here
  • Lifestyle landholders here
  • If I were a government minister … here
  • Broad versus targeted environmental investment here
  • The cost of inaccurate data here
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  • Is the community an environmental “asset”? here
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  • “Asset-based” environmental management here
  • Best Management Practices (BMPs) here
  • Additionality in environmental programs here
  • Why don’t environmental managers use decision theory? here
  • Cost sharing for environmental works here
  • The economics of environmental payments here
  • Thinking strategically about practice change here
  • Environmental budgets: two distinct questions here
  • Triage in environmental management here
  • Crisis? What crisis? here
  • Effective environmental policy here
  • New environment policy “Caring for our Country” here
  • The Landcare boom here
  • The policy zeitgeist here
  • Capacities of regional NRM bodies here
  • Scale in natural resource management here
  • Localised vs dispersed natural-resource assets here
  • Setting policy targets here
  • Technology adoption phases here
  • A market for biodiversity? here
  • Regional environmental management here
  • Economic questions for environmental managers here
  • Linking research to policy here
  • Environmental stewardship payments here
  • Environmental monitoring – why bother? here
  • Farmers as “consumers” of nature conservation here
  • Adoption of conservation practices: research and extension here
  • Adoption of conservation practices: policy here
  • More effective NRM policies here
  • Pursuing multiple outcomes in natural resource management programs here
  • Using communication and education to encourage land-use change in agriculture for environmental benefits here
  • Using incentives to buy land-use change in agriculture for environmental benefits here
  • Summary of results from CVCB project on capacities of regional NRM bodies for planning and prioritising their investments (2 page pdf file) here
  • Technology development in regional NRM discusses issues around level and spatial allocation of investment in technology development for sustainable land uses (4 page pdf file) here