Complementary tools

INFFER™ is potentially complemented by other frameworks and planning/project development tools, as listed below and detailed in the linked documents.

The Policy Choice Framework

Comparison of INFFER and PCF, prepared jointly by the INFFER and PCF project teams. pdf (36KB)

Market-based instruments

Diagram showing how various tools (INFFER, Market-Based Instruments, eFarmer and the Catchment Modelling Framework) fit together, prepared for (and with input from) the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. pdf (42KB)

Capacity spillovers project

Graham Marshall (University of New England) has prepared a report on research he conducted, investigating an approach to extending INFFER to include representation of the capacity spillovers from projects. View the Final Report – Working Paper 3 (718K pdf).

CAP (Conservation Action Planning)

“Combining the Strengths of INFFER and CAP”, prepared jointly with Paul Koch from Greening Australia. pdf (102K)

“Biodiversity Priorities for Widespread Weeds” project, NSW

Comparison of INFFER and this projects, prepared jointly by weed staff from Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water and Industry and Investment NSW and the INFFER team. pdf (32KB)


Comparison of INFFER and TOOLS2, prepared jointly by Greg Summerell and the INFFER team. pdf (25KB)