INFFER in Rangelands NRM

October 16th, 2011 by geoff

In June 2011, Rangelands NRM ran an INFFER asset identification and filtering process for the Midwest subregion. The full-day workshop was attended by pastoralists, state agency staff, shire staff, indigenous representatives and past project officers. 36 assets were identified and subsequently filtered using the pre-assessment criteria. Of these 36 assets, 7 were considered to be high priorities for further investigation and potential future investment. Rangelands NRM has now entered Phase 2 of the project, contracting Ecoedge to undertake pre-INFFER assessment scoping of three assets – Nallan Lake, Lake Wooleen and Ninghan Station. During this phase, we will investigate past projects to understand what the outcomes and recommendations of those projects were and how those outcomes should inform and guide the new, proposed projects. New projects will be developed using the INFFER Project Assessment Form in early 2012.

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