PPBF journal article

This is the main journal article about the Public: Private Benefits Framework. If you wish to cite the PPBF in a paper, these are the details to use:

Pannell, D.J. (2008). Public benefits, private benefits, and policy intervention for land-use change for environmental benefits, Land Economics 84(2): 225-240.

A slightly updated version of the paper is available at http://dpannell.fnas.uwa.edu.au/ppf.htm


The choice of policy mechanisms for encouraging environmentally beneficial land-use change should depend on the relative levels of private (or internal) net benefits, and public (or external) net benefits. A map of recommended policy mechanisms is developed, depending on the relative levels of these variables. Positive incentives, negative incentives and extension need to be targeted carefully to appropriate projects – where private net benefits are closer to zero, and/or public net benefits are more extremely positive or negative. Technology development is suggested where private net costs outweigh public net benefits. No action is recommended for many potential projects.

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